“The intimate space is quaint and minimalist by design, to create a light, cool, non-stuffy environment for quick and effective medical-grade skin treatments.”

- Refinery29

"A beauty bar offering a unique radiant treatment sets up permanent shop in Bridgehampton. A one-seat salon, JECT could be the hottest ticket in town."

-Hamptons Magazine

On preventative Botox: "Slowing down the use of the muscles early will prevent the deep lines from developing. Think of it as a marathon: small treatments and maintenance over time will result in much more natural long-term results."

"'All Ject providers are physicians, physicians assistant [PAs], or nurse practitioners [NPs], and are licensed and certified to practice medicine in New York. They are experts in injectables, as this is their sole practice.' ... JECT clients walk away with 'more than just aesthetic treatments, but rather a source of confidence and empowerment.'"

- Glamour

Here we break down the recovery windows for the most common beauty treatments. “With a skilled professional and a great concealer, you can have your Botox and your Hinge date all in one night.”

Two couples who get injected together at JECT, share how the experience has brought them closer together.

JECT livestream on ShopShops, a mobile shopping platform. ShopShops is an interactive, livestream global marketplace that connects retailers and brands directly with cross-border shoppers.

Mediaset Italia news clip on the rise of “Botox bars,” featuring JECT.