Soften fine lines, reduce acne scarring and boost collagen.

Controlled micro-trauma to the skin, stimulates the body's natural healing process to trigger collagen production, reduces fine lines and acne scarring. Improve overall skin quality for a smoother, more vibrant appearance.

Standard: $440 | Members: $395

Package of 3: Standard: $1,245 | Members: $1,110

Package of 6: Standard: $2,340 | Members: $2,070

Infuse your blood's own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and growth factors back into the skin to rejuvenate and reinvigorate cellular turnover; stimulate further collagen production for a quicker healing response.

Standard: $900 | Members: $800

Package of 3: Standard: $2,550 | Members: $2,250

Package of 6: Standard: $4,800 | Members: $4,200

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Behind The Scenes


"I went to the West Village location earlier this week to get microneedled to help minimize facial chicken pox scars from my childhood. This was my first cosmetic procedure. I had a wonderful experience at the West Village Ject with the lovely staff. I was comforted by the quality of treatment, the level of experience, and the care I received by the employees. I received a thorough overview of what to expect and many aftercare materials. I a looking forward to seeing the results and returning to Ject soon. Thank you!"


"Had a really positive experience with microneedling here. They happily answered all my questions and explained everything through the process. Looking forward to seeing the results after a few treatments."


"The staff was super informative, helpful, professional and committed to my skin journey! They followed up after my treatment to make sure everything was going well and even sent a regimen for me to do. I will be going back."