Aquagold Fine Touch

Shrink pores, brighten skin and give an intense overall glow

Aquagold Fine Touch

24k gold micro-dosing technology infuses a personalized cocktail (wrinkle reducers, hyaluronic acid, vitamins & more) into the deepest layers of the skin to shrink pores, brighten skin and give an intense overall glow. Great for events or regular skin maintenance. Little to no downtime

Standard: $550 | Members: $495

Package of 3: Standard: $1,575 | Members: $1,410

Package of 6: Standard: $3,000 | Members: $2,570

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Behind The Scenes


"The first time I tried Aquagold, the results were instantaneous! My skin became smoother, healthier-looking, I had a beautiful glow, and my redness and pores were diminished overall. The transformation was quite incredible from the first visit, and every time I go back for more, the cumulative benefits only get better – my skin looks better in my 30s than it did in my 20s. It is one of my absolute favorite procedures. It literally transformed my skin!"


"Allison was extremely professional and informative. She did an amazing job on my aquagold treatment."


"Everything is very personalized. The team takes the time to listen to your needs/wants and formulates a specific plan for you. I went there right before my wedding, nervous as all hell, but after the pre treatment consult I felt relieved and I knew I was in good hands. My results were impeccable."